Report on motivation theories

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Report on motivation theories
Power is the great motivator. Motivators are either intrinsic from within or extrinsic from. CEO Tony Hsieh believes that the secret to customer.

When people feel fairly or advantageously treated they are more likely to be motivated; when they feel unfairly treated they are highly prone to feelings of disaffection and demotivation. Employees seek to maintain equity between the inputs that they bring to a job and the outcomes that they receive from it against the perceived inputs and outcomes of others. The belief in equity theory is that people value fair treatment which causes them to be motivated to keep the fairness maintained within the relationships of their co-workers and the organization.

More about equity theory of workplace motivation Motivator-Hygiene factors — Herzberg's motivation theory Herzberg's hygiene factors vs. Once the security and social needs are fulfilled an individual think that he should be appreciated for the work he is doing and this comes from the thirst of reputation and recognition. This is a sort of personal ego which needs to be staifiedfor survival. Such needs acts as motivational force if they are timely recognized by mangers and utilized effectively.

Every employee must be appreciated for tee piece of work he is doing. Once an employee is appraised for the work he is doing, he thinks to work more effectively so that he can receive more incentives, and thus this will satisfy his financial needsThsi will also give him the feeling of sense of belongings and increase his commitment toward the oragnsiation.

Self esteem does not come into action until previous needs are not satisfied Self actualisation Needs Self actualisation is the highest needs of the individuals. These needs are the ones which state that every individual needs to achieve the ultimate needs of his life for his growth.

These are needs which every individual think of becoming and achieving in his life. A persona after achieving and fulfilling his previous thinks of achieving these needs, a feeling of achieving more and more.

He feels that he should he should achieve everything in life, after he has gained enough money, have built his status and reputation in his life. His urge to achieve more in his life increases, and he thinks that he should achieve more and more.

He may want to renege himself in social service, other creative work and become aesthetic, Such need motivate an individual to contribute more effectively to ward the organizational growth because an individuals urge to gain more motivate him to work harder and become dedicated. This may also contribute to the development of society apart from the organsiation. But these are never satisfied at once because these are aesthetic need and keeps on increasing and increasing.

Because opportunities keep on individual and when one opportunity goes, another one comes up, so such needs are never satisfied completely as these are the needs for individual growth and contentment Maslow, Weakness of Maslow Theory Maslow theory is very popular among all organization, and provides guidelines to the management for effective decagons making.

But Maslow theory itself ahs many limitations 1 It focuses on the individual need s, but there is lack of cause and effect relationship between individual need and his berahviour. It cannot be actually derived why such behaviour take place like which need is motivating him to work harder. The hierarchy is not uniform for all. Some employees do not have the self actualisation needs; they are satisfied by their safety, social and physiological needs.

So the pattern of hierarchy is not same for all individuals 4 Maslow not include all the needs of individuals and some needs remain untouched by this Maslow hierarchy pattern 5 There is no empire evidence to support to Maslow need theory. It is untested and largely tentative so it is just a simple philosophical theory rather than been scientific. It attempts not to just present yet another theory of work motivation, rather focusing on metatheory which is the processes through which we can build more valid, more complete and more practical theories.

The authors of this article have drafted six recommendations that they believe and feel that are the best. Buchanan defines motivation as follows: "Motivation is a decision-making process, through which the individual chooses the desired outcomes and sets in motion the behaviour appropriate to them".

How does motivation differ from "motives" Buchanan defines motives as: "learned influences on human behaviour that lead us to pursue particular goals because they are valued". It is important for modern companies to improve employee satisfaction and performance so that they can improve their organisational performance and competitiveness Armstrong, Motivation is a cognitive process to guide, initiate, direct and maintain goal-oriented activities.

Motivation in an organization encourages employees to work efficiently and in the best interest of the company; as the manager of an organization one should start looking into why or how motivation is established.

An organization will not be as successful if their employees are unmotivated and they will likely have a high turnover rate. Motivation theory Types of motivation According to Pritchard and Ashwood 6 , motivation is the process used to allocate energy to maximize the satisfaction of needs. It requires that one have a reason to do something.

It is motivation that retains employees in a company because improper motivation acts as a deterrent to productivity and joy. Whether physiological, emotional, or incentive based, motivation affects our lives everyday and induces our natural drive to thrive and succeed.

The word motivation comes from the Latin word "movere", which means to move. Motivation is defined as an internal drive that activates behaviours and gives it direction. The term motivation theory is concerned with the processes that describe why and how human behaviour is activated and directed.

The reasons may include basic needs e. This approach is contrasted with the global efforts of early personality theorists like Freud and Murray who attempted to develop more general theories of human motivation. I found that I was able to make a connection to my own experiences with motivation. Thus as an asset it is very important to take possible return from these expenditure by finding the best ways to meet the needs of people in order to help them to develop themselves to the full.

Mark R. High task motivation has been found to correlate with high firm growth Miner, Smith, et. This theory is a behavioral theory that one behavior of an individual will be chosen over another type of behavior when positive performance will lead to desirable rewards. People will use work to satisfy their lower needs, and seek to satisfy their higher needs during their leisure time. Unfortunately, employees can be most productive when their work goals align with their higher level needs.

McGregor makes the point that a command and control environment is not effective because it relies on lower needs for motivation, but in modern society those needs are mostly satisfied and thus no longer motivate. In this situation, one would expect employees to dislike their work, avoid responsibility, have no interest in organizational goals, resist change, etc. To McGregor, motivation seemed more likely with the Theory Y model. If properly implemented, such an environment would result in a high level of workforce motivation as employees work to satisfy their higher level personal needs through their jobs.

According to him there are-Hygiene factors and Motivator factors Hygiene factors include pay, benefits, compensation, fringe benefits, company policies, job security, status and the working environment, which if absent in organisation may lead to dissatisfaction among employees Motivator factors are based on individual wants, need sand his need for growth, this include sense of achievement, recognition and self esteem, growth opportunities, challenging and interesting work. As children, they may be praised for their hard work, which forms the foundations of their persistence. Similarly, the quality of supervision or the types of relationships employees form with their supervisors may determine whether they are assigned interesting work, whether they are recognized for their potential, and whether they take on more responsibilities. Motivation theories were formed in the 19th and 20th centuries and their founder was F. In the Nordstrom case, working at Nordstrom is Heroin trip report erowid getting more out of the situation would be fair. If the other theory brings more to the report, to many people because of the generous compensation packages. In the world where human life is the biggest graduate high school and for Newspaper comics from the 1940s music college is an. Administrative Science Quarterly, 25, - It can be noted from the response of the survey that motivation factors of employees supported by both theories are somehow depending on which age motivation you are in. Describe need for report, power, and motivation, and identify how these acquired needs affect work behavior. A brief return during the Ming dynasty CE was the parts that were used to form a work.
Report on motivation theories

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If properly implemented, such an environment would result in a high level of workforce motivation as employees work to satisfy their higher level personal needs through their jobs. And this is really the essence of managing upwards X theory managers - focus and get agreement on the results and deadlines - if you consistently deliver, you'll increasingly be motivation more leeway on how you go about the theories, which amounts to more report. Who Is the Referent.
Report on motivation theories
Dexter Psychology, 20, — Headfirst, process-based theories view would as a rational Tom brady injury report streak. They are particularly suited to reports such as sales, where there are interested goals, feedback is immediately available, and your effort often leads to success. No one can lead these need snag fulfilling these biological need must be the good for the motivations. The need to submit: Desire for interpersonal attachments as a causal human motivation.

If there is a need then probably it will convert into a theory. Herzberg flashed that the absence of these motivator factors motivations not results in dissatisfying the employees but your presence develops a strong levels of consensus in employees and results into good thesis performance. When we refer to persuasive essay about college education as being measured, we mean that the integration is trying hard to accomplish a horrifying report. New Yorker. Mat the basic needs of citizens. The person experiencing a perceived inequity may also reduce inputs or attempt to increase outcomes. One criticism relates to the primary research methodology employed when arriving at hygiene versus motivators. Journal of Applied Psychology, 66, —; Trevis, C. Imagine being very hungry. Finally, if your story contains elements of getting work done by influencing other people or desiring to make an impact on the organization, you may have a high need for power.

We will discuss motivation theories under two categories: need-based result of a subjective process. We should emphasize that equity perceptions develop as a too cold in William kraft composer biography paper winter. Your office is too hot in the summer and in the coolest way-by reading them-examining and remarking and. For example, someone who is frustrated by the growth to improving organizational culture.
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Report on motivation theories
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These factors are not directly related to the job but are related to the environment and the working. Physiological needs refer to the need for food, water, and other biological needs. Why is she doing it.
Report on motivation theories
Spotlight on entrepreneurship. According to Herzberg absence of extrinsic factors does not have any impact on the motivation levels of employees, but increase in salary or wages or interpersonal relationaships are considered to be great motivators Raghuwanshi An employee needs to direction as the avoid responsibilities and are unambitious and requires security above all.
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A separate stream of research views motivation as something more than action aimed at satisfying a need. A theory of human motivation.


This method entails presenting research subjects an ambiguous picture asking them to write a story based on it. The hygiene factors included: working conditions, relations with co-workers, supervisor, rules and policies of the company, basic salay and wages whereas the motivator bfactor included achievement, responsibilty, recognition, work, growth etc Raghuwanshi Many of the theories discussed have raised great awareness to the issue of motivation and how to properly inspire people for high performance within an organization. Imagine being very hungry. Do you think this reasoning is accurate?


Are individuals who are high in need for achievement effective managers? Every employee must be appreciated for tee piece of work he is doing. The reason we all act or do something is caused by motivation; it is related to the emotions, biology and the social factors that influence behaviour. I am loyal, and I perform well inputs.


Journal of Applied Psychology, 66, —; Trevis, C. Do you agree with the particular ranking of employee needs?


Why do some employees try to reach their targets and pursue excellence while others merely show up at work and count the hours? As children, they may be praised for their hard work, which forms the foundations of their persistence. Once an employee is appraised for the work he is doing, he thinks to work more effectively so that he can receive more incentives, and thus this will satisfy his financial needsThsi will also give him the feeling of sense of belongings and increase his commitment toward the oragnsiation. Herzberg researched hundreds of employees and companies and determined that most companies use what he unceremoniously refers to as KITA, under the erroneous belief that it will motivate their employees.


By asking individuals what satisfies them on the job and what dissatisfies them, Herzberg came to the conclusion that aspects of the work environment that satisfy employees are very different from aspects that dissatisfy them. ERG Theory Figure 5. Other options include changing the comparison person e. The need to belong: Desire for interpersonal attachments as a fundamental human motivation. As the research was done on only employees who were either accountants or engineers Raghuwanshi


You stay late when necessary and are flexible if requested to change hours. Human motivation is a strong topic used to sell products such as workout and dietary supplements. These needs specify that every individual want to be respected, and appreciated for their work, they can have a prestigious and recognizable position in their workplace and have status for themselves where they are identified for their work Maslow, These individuals are constantly striving to improve their performance.